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There are always developments in industrial minerals logistics. We pride ourselves on being constantly tuned in to trends, new technologies and new techniques that improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the mineral supply chain. By doing so, we help you to be more competitive. We want to share our knowledge and opinions with you, and of course we encourage you to get in touch with us in Rotterdam if you want advice on the services we offer.

  • 26/11/2019
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    Thinking of industrial minerals as a loose dry bulk, it seems, that these are usually shipped in larger volumes by vessels across the seven seas. But that is not entirely correct. I have done quite a lot of mineral bulk shipments by using standard 20ft. or 40ft. containers. Of course, minerals in bigbags or in palletized paperbags seem more obvious, but yet as loose bulk material, this has been widely accepted nowadays by almost all major Carriers.

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How about EV battery minerals?

As there is a growing demand for EV battery minerals like lithium, graphite, fluorspar and magnesium in many industries across the world, there is an increasing need for supply chain logistics solutions for them. Rotterdam Bulk Logistics is uniquely placed to meet the mineral supply chain requirements of very specific chemicals for battery cell production. This area is developing at a rapid pace, particularly in South East Asia, but also the United States and Europe as well. The demand for EV battery production and thereby for the minerals involved in it, including lithium, manganese and graphite, is accelerating. Work with us and you stay on top of the curve. For more information on dedicated EV battery mineral logistics, get in touch with our team in Rotterdam, NL.