Rotterdam Bulk Logistics

“Logistics is the jugular vein of your mineral operation
and will determine the degree of its success, or failure.”

(Source: MetalBulletin 2013)

Rotterdam Bulk Logistics for industrial minerals

Rotterdam Bulk Logistics offers tailor-made logistic solutions & support to get your valuable industrial minerals smoothly and cost-effective from mine to market, from A to Z.

Having set up various mineral supply chains like for perlite, kaolin and feldspar, for over 35 years, to a wide range of applying industries such as, construction, glass, ceramic, chemical, paper and many more, Rotterdam Bulk Logistics has gained long-lasting and detailed experience in taking all these hurdles to make the logistic chain working for your mineral, a full 100%!

Large global network

Rotterdam Bulk Logistics works fully independent and has built up a global network with (inter)national strategic partners, safeguarding the quality, consistency and reliability of all the logistics services we are offering to you, like (break-) bulk chartering, container, shipping, stevedoring, warehousing & distribution and (silo)transport. Being lean & mean and using modern IT technologies and clear communication, we are competitive in many ways.

Logistics Rotterdam Bulk Logistics Rotterdam

“Freight/logistics costs can amount to 50-70% of delivered costs of mineral to customer, therefore suppliers and customers strive to secure most cost effective and efficient logistics systems and companies. Just to make matters interesting, the mine to market supply route will be tailor-made to suit different mineral types for different markets !”

(Source: Industrial Minerals)

Always a specialized solution

We are specialized in mineral logistics by container, as loose drybulk or in bigbags or jumbobags, 20/25 kos paperbags/pallet, in combination with HQ debagging stations into silo-trucks or silo-containers. Value-adding services like E.U. customs formalities, 24/7 cargo control & monitoring, sampling, sieving, screening, blending and many more, are readily available.

It goes without saying, that Rotterdam Bulk Logistics can also offer you partial logistic solutions, even to your current supply chain. We can analyze your present logistics and advise you on certain improvements, giving you a better control, making things running better and how to cut logistic costs!

We can present you a full style logistic framework and you are free to take care yourself of the related operations (on-site training is an option) or leave this also in the capable hands of Rotterdam Bulk Logistics as we have professional back-office services easily available, as mineral logistics go on 24/7.


Put us to the test and send us your inquiry, rate request or any other mineral logistic problem you might want us to solve for you, now!