Rotterdam Bulk Logistics for industrial minerals

"Logistics is the jugular vein of your mineral operationand will determine the degree of its success, or failure."

Source: MetalBulletin 2013


Rotterdam Bulk Logistics supplies tailor-made and value-adding logistic services & support to get your valuable industrial minerals cost & time effective from mine to market, from A to Z.

Having set up various mineral supply chains like for perlite, graphite, bentonite, kaolin and feldspar, for over 40 years, to a wide range of consuming industries such as automotive, iron & steel, cement & concrete construction, glass, ceramics, chemicals, paper and many more, Rotterdam Bulk Logistics has gained longlasting and detailed experience in taking all these hurdles to make the logistic chain working for your mineral, a full 100%!

Logistic knowhow, large global network

Rotterdam Bulk Logistics works fully independent and has built up a global network with (inter-)national strategic partners, safeguarding the quality, consistency and reliability of all the logistics services we are offering, like overseas chartering, container shipping, barging, stevedoring, warehousing & distribution and transport by all modalities to final destination. Being lean & mean and using modern IT technologies and clear communication, we are competitive in many ways.

"Freight/logistics costs can amount to 50-70% of delivered costs of mineral to customer, therefore suppliers and customers strive to secure most cost effective and efficient logistics systems and companies. Just to make matters interesting, the mine to market supply route will be tailor-made to suit different mineral types for different markets !"

Source: Industrial Minerals

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Always a specialized solution

We handle both loose bulk and containerized shipments and are specialized in rebulking ex bigbags/jumbobags or 20/25 kos paperbags by dedicated equipment & loading-systems into silo-trucks/tankers and containers. Today, at 11 various locations throughout Europe. Value-adding services like E.U. import customs clearance, 24/7 cargo control & monitoring, sampling, sieving, screening, blending and many more, are readily available.

It goes without saying, that Rotterdam Bulk Logistics can also offer you partial logistic solutions, even to your current, existing supply chain.

We are also engaged in logistic consultancy for mainly new or renovated mining projects, which is mostly part of any pre-project or pre-feasibility study for a new mining activity.

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